Temperature measurement tutorial for Raspberry PI with PT100/1000 sensor

SPI interface is disabled by default on Raspberry PI. To enable open a terminal and type:

sudo raspi-config

In menu follow these steps:
Advanced Options > SPI > Would you like the SPI interface to be enabled? > YES > Would you like the SPI kernel module to be loaded by default? > YES > Finish > Would you like to reboot now? > YES

Open raspi-blacklist.conf file:

sudo leafpad /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf

If the file is empty, don't change it. If there is a "blacklist spi-bcm2708" entry, comment out this line. It should look like this:

#blacklist spi-bcm2708

After SPI enabled install SPIDEV for Python.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-dev
git clone git://github.com/chrillomat/py-spidev
cd py-spidev
sudo python3 setup.py install

Now start Python3 (idle3) and type

import spidev

Hopefully you don't see any error message, the installation is successful.

Connection diagram of Raspberry PI & MAX31865 sensor

Raspberry PI pinout

Python source code

This demo will read MAX31865 5 times with 1 second delay and display temperature data. Before running code modify configuration (Rref, wire) in code if needed.

Download Python source code